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Photo credit: Keith Johnson, Brad Shelton, Jason Tower

Forages connect many aspects of our lives. By managing healthy forages (grasses, legumes, and forbs), we contribute to a healthy ecosystem:

  • When forages cover a landscape, soil erosion is minimal, and water quality is improved.
  • Thriving forages provide nutrition essential for optimal livestock health and performance.
  • The end products of meat, milk and fiber provide necessities for a growing population.
  • Forages offer a beneficial habitat to wildlife.
  • Because legumes produce nitrogen, the addition of nitrogen fertilizer to enhance grass growth is not necessary on a field with legumes and grasses growing together.
  • Someday, high-fiber forages could be converted to a fuel resource.

The Indiana Forage Council knows all this, and that is why we promote forage production, research, management, utilization, and marketing. We host professional events across the state and, along with the American Forage and Grassland Council, provide competitions and professional development opportunities for our members.

Explore our website, and let us know if we can be of any assistance. We encourage you to become a member of the Indiana Forage Council today.


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