2019 HOAGC

2019 Heart of America Grazing Conference, Ferdinand IN

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From the desk of Jason Tower, President, Indiana Forage Council and Chair of the Heart of America Grazing Conference Executive Committee.

The Indiana Forage Council organized and hosted the 17th annual Heart of America Grazing Conference this past January 22 – 23, 2019.  The event was well attended by producers, educational and state agricultural personnel.  The conference would not be possible without our conference sponsor Indiana State Department of Agriculture though a livestock development grant.  Also very important to our event were our corporate sponsors Grazing Systems Supply, The CISCO Companies and Becks Hybrids, Missouri GLCI/Forage Council and Illinois GLCI.  Through the efforts of these organizations and companies, as well as our many tradeshow vendors, the conference would not be able to be offered at a reasonable registration cost.

Featured speakers for the event included Dr. RP Cooke, 499 Ranch, and Dr. Dennis Fennewald, Tennessee Tech, working together to cover the topics of “Grazing to Change Pasture Composition and Strategic Supplementation on Pasture”.  We also had the pleasure of having Dr. Scott Barao, Jorgenson Family Foundation – Hedgeapple Farm, cover two great topics, “Starting a Grass-fed Beef Operation and Selecting the Correct Genetics for a Forage Based Beef Operation”.  Other topics of interest during the conference included “Grazing Technologies and Red Clover, More than Just Nitrogen”.

Special thanks goes out to all the conference speakers that shared a wealth of information on a broad range of topics.  Big thanks also goes to the Indiana Forage Council board members for all their help and input prior to the event and during the event to allow all things to run smoothly.

The 18th Heart of America Grazing Conference will be held this fall, October 29 – 30, 2019, in Burlington, Kentucky.  This event is being organized by our friends in Kentucky.  The conference will feature Jim Gerrish.  We look forward to seeing you this fall.

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