Recent Events

Forage Bowl Team Ready to Compete! (Left to right): Purdue University students Leanna Shearer, Rachel Imel, Kaleigh Krieger, and Garret Alka.

2020 American Forage & Grassland Conference (AFGC)
2019 Indiana State Fair
2019 Beef-Forage Tour
2019 IFC Annual Meeting & Seminar
2019 American Forage & Grassland Conference (AFGC)
2019 Heart of America Grazing Conference (HOAGC)
2019 Forage Bowl Competition


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Award Winners

Each year, the Indiana Forage Council recognizes exemplary members with the Outstanding Producer Award and the Maurice E. Heath Award.

The Outstanding Producer Award recognizes a producer who excels in the production and utilization of forages on his or her farm. Previously, this award has been known as the Recognition Award and the Dave and Helen Forgey Award.

The Maurice E. Heath Award was established upon Mr. Heath’s retirement from Purdue University. He was a strong advocate for soil conservation and forage research and education. The recipients of this award are recognized for their contributions to soil conservation and/or forage research and educational endeavors.

At the 2018 Indiana Forage Council Annual Meeting held at Brown County State Park, Clay Nuhring received the Outstanding Producer Award, and David Nuhring and Keith Johnson received the Maurice E. Heath Award.

Past Award Winners

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